Demos that convert into sales

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You have a number to hit this quarter and there are never enough leads, so every demo needs to close.

But you never have enough people who can give great demos, and customers never have easy questions.

With Demo Gorilla’s presenter notes, every customer conversation has access to the entire knowledge of your organization. Whether it’s a new hire or the CEO, the talking points stay synchronized as the speaker navigates through the application, so they always have the most contextually relevant information to share with prospects.

  • Talking points update as you navigate your application so you’re always selling the value, not narrating your clicks
  • Build a connection with this customer by using case studies from their industry and describing specifc use cases for their persona
  • Pivot your script on the fly based on what the prospect wants to see
  • Keep your competitive talking points up to date and available the second you hear a competitor’s name
  • Searchable content so you’re never stuck on an answer
  • Confidently demo the newest features to land the biggest upsells

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