Organization Settings

From the Organization Settings page you can control settings across your entire Demo Gorilla instance.


Authorizing a domain

By default, Demo Gorilla won’t access any websites. You need to individually authorize any domains before Demo Gorilla can access and interact with them.

Press the “+ Add” button and enter the additional domain you’d like to authorize Demo Gorilla on.


Cursor Highlight

Since it’s you controlling the mouse, not your perspective users, Demo Gorilla gives your mouse a halo effect, making your cursor easier to spot during a live demo. You can change the color here.


To enable it from the extension use the “…” drop down.


Settings cursor


You can prepare templates for the most common types of talking points to save time and ensure quality content by reminding contributors of what’s expected.


Advanced: CSS

Optionally, also add CSS that will be applied to every page on the domain:

  • To hide self-serve specific content like popups, surveys or a chat window
  • To improve the color contrast or font size for video
  • To simplify the page to focus on just features being demoed

Any CSS you place here will be injected into all pages on this domain. To ensure your CSS overrides the page, we recommend you mark all changes as !important.

CSS is an advanced feature, please feel free to work with us to create your first one.