Every demo you give is tracked as a session.

There are several uses:

  • Preparing for a demo
  • Review your demos to see your notes
  • See what other people’s demos to improve
  • The product and marketing teams can see what features & collateral are being used

There are 2 types of sessions:

  • Ad hoc sessions are created any time you start the extension to track your demo
  • Prepared sessions can be set up ahead of time

To put content into your CRM you can make a copy of what happened and your notes by pressing “Copy to clipboard”



Session filters

By default the sessions page shows your recent sessions. To show everyone’s sessions or a subset of yours you can use the filter dropdown.

Preparing a Session

From the home page or the sessions page you can press “Prepare a session” to get ready for a demo.

To run your prepared session, either click “Run”.

Here you can:

  • Connect your session with a specific calendar event (once you’ve connected to Google Calendar)
  • Preselect tags to use in your demo
  • Add notes

Session filters