Tags” are used to customize talking points or actions to a particular demo.

You can use tags to show content relevant to:

  • a particular vertical, like customers in their segment
  • a particular persona, to show a level a detail relevant to a manager vs an individual contributor
  • certain stages in the process; you want to go into a different level of detail in a first demo vs a renewal.

The tags section of the app gives you a list of all tags and where they are used. To create a new page press “Add a tag”. Note: you can also create a new tag inline when you’re editing an action or talking point.

The only attribute a tag has is a name.

Tags example

Here’s an example using tags where:

  • a demo has some discovery done ahead of time (the vertical)
  • we learn the personas & current tool during the call
  • get asked a question that we don’t know the answer too

Creating a dropdown

If you name your tag in two parts with a hyphen, Demo Gorilla will automatically make a dropdown for you. For instance, if you have a tag “industry-finance” and another “industry-media” demo-ers will have an “industry” drop down with two options: “finance” and “media”.

Tag dropdowns